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So you have a great idea for a new invention design and need a well-qualified invention designer or invention design services.  You have either filed your patent and/or are looking to taking your new invention to the next phase.  Wouldn’t you want to see what your invention would look like and how it would operate?  With our expertise in CAD Design and product design and development experience, we have helped many inventors like yourself take their ideas to the next phase.

We will help you transform your invention from sketches to a 3D modeled CAD component.  This allows you to visually see your invention in 3D CAD, rotate, zoom, and inspect the component.  Working together, we can help you fine tune and improve any design flaws that may present themselves once we see the invention in its entirety.  We can help designing your invention even from hand drawn sketch or back of the envelope calculations. It is understandable that the journey you have decided to take can seem long and arduous, but you can rest assured our invention designers will help design and develop your idea from 3D CAD design to creating 2D drafting fabrication drawings for your new invention.

Often times we get customers who are just beginning their journey in patenting their invention from an idea they have had for many years.  They seem uncertain about whether to even start the journey to getting their idea patented.  Our advice to them, is always DO IT!  We let self doubt and self sabotage get the best of us, sometimes.  Our experience and expertise in product design and development, especially for private inventors who are looking for design services for inventions which are confidential and typically held close to the chest.

If you’re looking for invention design services, you have come to the right place.  Our invention design services include everything you need to take your newly patented invention or idea from sketches to prototype and fabrication ready drawings!  To provide our customers with the best invention design services, we study their intended product concept thoroughly.  Part of what sets us apart from the rest of the invention design services out there is that we will work with you in helping to improve any flaws in your product that you may have overlooked.  Communication is key, and we work side by side on all critical tasks.  Once we have your 3D CAD modeled invention, we can also do analysis (FEA) on your invention which will further help us identify any failure critical areas and help optimize your invention.

So you, the client, has utilized our invention design services for 3D CAD modeling of your invention in the virtual world…We can see it on the screen, which is very cool.  Part of our invention design services option is creating physical 3D printed prototypes of your invention!  This is the ultimate step in any new invention.  What better way to truly understand what your product would be than by physically holding it in your hand and actually doing a fit and function test?  At FalconCAD Engineering Services, we don’t stop there.  We help you design and prototype your invention, but we understand that your next step in your patenting endeavor is going to be pitching your product to potential venture capitalists to fund your new invention.  With our invention design services, we can generate photo-realistic images of your product to be used in presentation and media.  These are perfect to give investors a better understanding of what your final product is going look like.

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Feedback from a few customers…

“Thank you for everything.  The next time we have need of mechanical design project, we will definitely be using your services. Be sure to add us to your list of very satisfied customers.”

Steve (Ventura, CA)

“Thank you for your professional service and good character.”

Jules (Tucson, AZ)

“Thank you very much for the PDF drawings.  I have to say, they are of a very high quality.”

Thomas (Lincoln, NE)

“Thank you for your time..Great job on the design bringing my idea to life!  Will be returning for future projects”

Wiley (Topeka, KS)

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