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Product Development

From initial conceptual design to final product.

2D CAD Drawings

GD&T practices incorporated on all fabrication drawings.

Finite Element Analysis

Proper analysis ensures proper fit and function.

Engineering Process

Quality control implemented every step of the way.


Our mission is to provide a complete range of CAD Design services within the mechanical engineering scope. We provide 3D CAD modeling services, 2D fabrication drawing services, finite (FEA) element analysis services, and design/preparation for manufacturing.

Our services help individuals and businesses take their ideas from initial design to final product through our expertise and cost saving methods. Our services can help you by offloading design and engineering work and allowing you to concentrate on core business matters.

With over 15 years of experience in the aerospace industry as our background, we can help launch any project on its correct path to success!  Whether you are an inventor looking to develop your next great idea or an engineering manager looking to off load some of the engineering work, we can help you tackle your engineering design projects.


Made in the USA

Unlike most CAD Engineering Services, we are located and operate in the United States. With many manufacturing and production jobs going out of the country we are proud to support U.S manufacturing.

We use nothing but local shops for rapid protoyping and fabrication. Please help rebuild the U.S manufacturing sector!

2D-3D CAD Analysis

Need help converting old Drawings or help with product development? Whatever your needs may be with respect to CAD and Engineering, we are here to help.

We offer Drafting, CAD, analysis, consumer product rendering and more. We can help take your idea from scratch paper to prototype to the final product.

Easy Project Management

Use our free online project management tool to easily manage and track the progress of your projects. Upload and download files, task projects, schedule meetings and etc.

It is easy and affective, think of us as an extension of your company, but without all the overhead.

Cost Saving Solutions

With the advent of the Internet, we can be an extension of your business. We can provide your company with CAD Engineering Services without having to be physically on location.

Our “Falcon’s Nest” online project management system allows you to track progress interact, upload and download files, notes, sketches, and so on. This system puts us directly within your companies’ network.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We understand the hesitation and trust issues that might arise between companies doing business together. We welcome any sort of non-disclosure agreements to help establish a trustworthy working environment. Contact us for more information. Our primary goal is to provide the best CAD Engineering Services possible.